Dream High by Ban Brothers - Nini Music San Xian Cover
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Steve Sheppard, co-owner of One World Music Radio

“All About Love is an album packed with beauty and colour; its sheer vibrancy and ultra-smooth production makes this an all-out winner in my view.”

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Thomas Baker, Ph.D., Founder of Global Music Awards

“There’s so much we admire about “All About Love.” The listening experience of this album is so joyful given the colorful array of musical instrumentation and vocalizations from Eastern culture but made fresh and styled a way that also catches and pleases Western ears. “All About Love” is a carefully-crafted and well-produced album and the result is a tribute to all the album’s exceptionally talented musicians. We highly recommend this musical journey created by the Ban Brothers.”


The AKADEMIA Music Awards

“Behold one of the rarest crossbreeds of modern music – Ban Brothers can acquit the vocal contours of multiple styles with equal facility – and the result is a masterful World Beat Venture.” 

Throughout the course of their musical journey, the members of Ban Brothers have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Featuring vocalists and musicians in a variety of settings and making countless public appearances all the while recording new song versions, this talented World/Indie Music Band has earned the admiration and affection of critics and fans alike. Get in touch and explore their world to learn more about their musical expertise, repertoire, and production/performance rates.

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B A N   B R O T H E R S

This is the video for a song called CHUPI CHUPI, or "Silently," and is about retracing your steps back to childhood and reliving those carefree days in your fancy!